Prayer Garden

Gardening in Gallup is not for the faint of heart. In a collaborative effort by panther alumni and many current families of Sacred Heart Catholic School, phase one of our Children’s Prayer Garden fundraiser has been completed. Designed by Tom Kozeliski (class of 1966), the prayer garden is located at the back of the South East playground and is turning out to be a lovely location for the children to enjoy a quiet moment of prayer during the day.
The small garden features a meandering dry creek bed, intersected by a brick walk way which is crossed by a small wooden foot bridge, leading to several stone benches sprinkled under the shade of a couple of Chinese Elm trees.
Over 30 families and teachers worked through the course of an entire day. Dads, moms and kids remained cheerful while hacking away at the clay and rock “soil” while building and hauling the equipment and hardscape for the project. It was a day of productive collaboration for our school community and everyone enjoyed watching the garden take shape.
The entire project to date has been funded by our Panther Alumni. Previously, there were stone benches and memorial bricks sponsored by alumni in the back patio at the high-school. These benches and bricks have now been installed in the Children’s Prayer Garden. Phase II, planting and laying of the final gravel will take place this spring 2015.
The blessings of our generous alumni and the memories of their loved ones commemorated here will continued to be honored through the prayers and joy of the children who gather there.