What Parents Say About SHCS

“I love this school. There’s no bullying. I like the closeness of the kids and families. I like the small class sizes. The kids receive a great education.”- Valerie Parish

In reference to the Innoventure competition : “I appreciate the diligence and perseverance of these young great minds. As often has happened with our students, they are able to recognize the worth of their endeavor and to continue with their heads held high. “-Maria Guimaraes

Our boys also were motivated to continue to do their best because they knew if they did not try hard, they would not stay at Gallup Catholic.” -Sue Faz

Eager and diligent learners, happy, healthy, confident, thoughtful, Christ-like. These are some of the attributes that come to mind when I think of what we hope for our children. As parents, we all know that we are our childrens’ best first teacher. We all try our best, and then send them off to school hoping that the foundation we have made will be built upon. This is so true of Gallup Catholic. We have had our children there since 2008, and every year we are so excited to see the academic and spiritual growth in them. The smaller class sizes ensure that each child gets the attention they need to excel. Gallup Catholic is a caring, supportive, close-knit environment that truly cares about each child. It is a great feeling when your child is excited to go to school each day! -Jessica Balok