Mission Statement 

Our mission is to foster intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical and cultural development by pursuing academic excellence in a Catholic atmosphere, through the pillars of worship, education, community-building and Christ-like service to others.

Revised 1/30/2014

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy, which guides Sacred Heart Catholic School,  enables teachers to provide a quality education with emphasis on moral and academic achievement through the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors.  The school respects the vital role parents and guardians have as the primary educators of their children and encourages them to work closely with the school in this cooperative effort.  The school believes in each student’s inherent dignity and encourages the development of his or her God-given talents and abilities.

Revised 1/30/2014

Vision Statement

The vision of Sacred Heart Catholic School is comprised of confident and academically competent students, who model character and virtue as they grow in love for God and each other.  We seek a qualified faculty and staff, who love God and live a life in accordance with the Gospel of Christ.  We are supported by caring families, who are actively involved in the education of their children while valuing the mission of the school.  We benefit from a campus that provides a positive and safe environment.

Revised 1/30/2014