Sacred Heart School is committed to providing a rigorous academic program for our students, ensuring an outstanding level of education.

Well-developed & Consistent Curriculum

One of the ways we achieve academic excellence is by establishing a well-developed curriculum which follows the rigorous Diocese of Gallup Standards for Math, English, Language Arts,  Science, Social Studies and Technology. Our curriculum is designed to offer consistent progression from grade to grade. As your student progresses through school, they will receive instruction which builds on what the child has learned in previous years. This ensures well-formed and consistent education development for children at each and every grade level.

Frequent Learning Assessments

Another way our school ensures superior education level is to assess each students’ progress frequently through out the school year. Most schools limit their students learning assessments to once a year. However, Sacred Heart School utilizes very progressive tools for assessing each individual’s achievement and learning through out the school year . This approach allows teachers to focus on areas of weakness right away rather than the following year which means that individual students are less likely to “get behind.”

In order to consistently assess our student’s progress, each of our classrooms use the AR (Accelerated Reading) program to track reading and comprehension progress. Each book that our students read is accompanied by a fun computer review which the individual completes once they have finished a book. This review provides the teacher with feedback on the child’s various reading abilities and comprehension.

Innovative Learning Programs

Our students experience delightful learning opportunities though innovative programs. Have you ever heard of a Ours is named Hank and you will find he is one of the best listeners for a “reluctant reader.” Have you ever been invited to Breakfast with Books? Families of students attend ours each year…in their pajamas! Its easy to understand why students at Sacred Heart School are reading dozens, sometimes hundreds of books each year in addition to their regular school work.

Have you ever created your own invention like a sink that recycles water? Or launched a home made rocket into space? Real, everyday application of science is one of the cornerstones of our science program at Sacred Heart school. Even as elementary students, our children are participating in hands on science experiences like lab experiments and competitive science opportunities like regional and state science-fair and robotics competitions. We even have a living, growing garden on the elementary school playground.

Last year we adopted a new math series Go Math!, K-5 (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2012) that enabled us to follow our progress through the Common Core State Standards as well as increasing the rigor and depth of instruction as we go. How does math camp sound?

Over-arching Frame Work

The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools” is the common framework of universal characteristics of Catholic identity and agreed upon criteria for Catholic school excellence. These standards and benchmarks address the areas of Mission  and Catholic Identity, Governance and Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Operational Vitality.  We continuously strive to make progress in meeting these standards.